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Engineered wood flooring in a new construction. Madrona project Seattle WA

Case Study: A new construction house by architect Daniel Toole featured in the New York Times

When Daniel Toole landed this project in the beautiful area of Madrona, Seattle, he drew inspiration from a variety of places. The modern Scandinavian design of the exterior captured his eye, while the warm details from America helped him create a cozy and inviting interior. This case study will explore the process behind this unique […]

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Infographic: interior design trends 2022

Design Trends for 2022 are very much influenced by COVID-19. Let’s visually explore what’s up and coming for interiors during 2022!

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Engineered wood flooring Berkeley grey Christmas


The holidays are upon us! It seems like 5 minutes ago it was summer, now it’s time to visit pumpkin farms and jingle all the way home. Thankfully, a few little ideas can get you into the holiday spirit and without much effort, turn your home into a cozy place to spend the next few months.

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engineered wood flooring Harlech Stormy

Black Friday, black floors: Secrets for decorating and creating the perfect space.

Don’t let your dark floors get in the way of a good design. A dark floor is a statement, it’s a bold design decision that can be the perfect finish to a space. But, dark floors also require some special considerations. In this blog post, we will talk about how you can design the perfect space around your dark flooring with style and grace!

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Bedroom closet with coffee bamboo flooring

Flooring trends 2022

The flooring industry is constantly evolving to meet new trends and adapt to different market needs. From natural materials, rustic textures, and sustainable materials, the future of flooring offers some exciting changes that are sure to make a big impact on home décor. We’ve compiled nine of the most popular trends for the coming year in this post.

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Modern room with light vinyl flooring

Home Design Trends Illustrate the Effects of COVID-19

The Home Design Trends for 2022 are very much influenced by COVID-19. During the pandemic, we were forced to remain at home and our living space became an office, perhaps even a classroom too. As such, it is sensible that most of us have had to make accommodating changes in our homes that will become the trend for this coming year.

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