At Woodpecker, we understand that each project is unique and sometimes it can be challenging to find the ideal wood floor that perfectly fits your needs and satisfies all your preferences. In these cases, we provide a custom solution that allows you to create custom wood floors with the specifications you desire that meet all the requirements of your project. This customizable approach ensures that every aspect of your project is precisely what you are looking for.

Custom Wood Flooring Options

We have 3 different scenarios where custom wood floors can help meet the requirements of a project

Customizable features

Custom hardwood floor

Board thickness / Wear layer

We’re experts in creating reliable and top-quality engineered custom hardwood flooring that comes with a 100-year warranty. Our team of specialists is available to discuss your project requirements and help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs when determining the right thickness of flooring, and appropriate wear layer size.

Width from 6″ – 11 3/4″

At Woodpecker, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends, we offer a variety of widths to help you achieve your desired look. Whether you prefer an ultra-modern or classic style, our custom wood floors are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

custom wood floor thickness
Custom wood floor grading


Certain projects call for a rustic appearance with visible knots. However, others require a cleaner and more sophisticated finish that only a select grade can provide. We offer tailored solutions to ensure that you receive the precise grade that you desire.


You have the option to select a color from our existing collections or collaborate with us to develop a completely unique color of your choice.

Custom Wood floor color
Custom Wood floor technique

Finish Techniques

Depending on the desired look, you have the option to incorporate wire brushing, wire banding, rough sawn or hand-scraping techniques for your personalized flooring. You can also add a smoking process for a more unique look.


When it comes to your custom wood floor, you have the option to select the finishing technique. Oiled and urethane finishes each have their distinct differences and benefits, and the best choice depends on your customer’s lifestyle. That’s why we provide customization options to meet your needs.

How it works

Upon finalizing the specifications for your custom product and agreeing on the price, a sample box of the material will be ordered. It’s important to note that this box comes at a cost, but this amount will be credited to your account once the final order has been placed.

Once the sample has been approved, production will begin, and the order will be delivered in 12-14 weeks. The entire process takes approximately 18-20 weeks.


How many sf do I need to create a custom wood floor?

The minimum order for a custom floor is 2000sf

Do I need to order extra boxes?

Typically, the allowable overage is 10%. However, if you have a custom floor, we suggest allowing for a 15% overage.

Can I order the same custom floor multiple times?

Once you have designed a personalized floor, the formula belongs to you and can be reordered whenever necessary.

What’s the price of a custom floor?

The price will be determined based on the specifications you provide.

How long does it take to quote a custom floor?

Our team has a tool that enables them to provide a custom floor quote within minutes, instead of weeks of waiting to determine the cost. If you’re seeking a smooth process for custom wood flooring, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the lead time for a custom floor?

From the moment a sample box is ordered and assuming the sample is approved, the lead time is 12-14 weeks.