Black Friday, black floors: Secrets for decorating and creating the perfect space.

Don’t let your dark floors get in the way of a good design. A dark floor is a statement, it’s a bold design decision that can be the perfect finish to a space. But, dark floors also require some special considerations. In this blog post, we will talk about how you can design the perfect space around your dark flooring with style and grace!

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Walls and ceilings

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Dark colors have the tendency to make a space feel smaller. Despite this fact, you can achieve a beautiful space using your favorite dark floor with just a couple of tips.  Use white or light paint for the walls and ceiling. The combination of the dark floor with white walls will make the space feel lighter, bigger but cozy at the same time. 


The use of curtains gives an extra dimension to the space. By using a neutral color with a light see-through fabric you will make your space feel airy, modern and gorgeous.


To create the perfect balance between contrast and flow use a neutral / pastel color palette that goes with your floor. Imagine your beautiful dark flooring with a grey or cream sectional, a pastel blue throw blanket, some white pillows and an off-white area rug, isn’t it stunning? 

Using patterns as a statement.

Have you wondered how to make a space look striking? We have the answer for you. Normally, a space is a white canvas and flooring is the center piece that will set the mood for the rest of the design. So if you really want to make a statement, use parquet flooring in certain areas of the house, then use a matching or different plank (depending on your taste) for the rest of the house.


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Goodrich Milton Oak

An easy way to mix dark flooring and make a space look chic is by using metallics. You can achieve a slick modern look by using silver tones or even a glamorous one by using warmer tones like gold, bronze and brass.


When you choose dark flooring it’s important the space is well lit because of their natural tendency to absorb light. If you are using dark flooring, make sure you have enough natural and artificial lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows work well with this type of flooring, as well as warm white spot lights to illuminate the space.


Keep in mind darker floors demand more care than lighter floors. Pet hair, dust, scratches and even footprints depending on the finish, can be seen on your precious floor.

Regular cleaning will be required like sweeping and vacuuming. Also, protect your floor with a good cleaning solution to keep it in optimal condition.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post about decorating around dark flooring. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team is always happy to help you with your next project. You can order free samples by clicking here. Thanks again for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon!