An Introduction into Scandinavian Interior Design…

Scandinavian interior style has influenced the use of clean lines yet is probably most known for its striking neutral simplicity and modern functionality. Minimalism is key when getting the look inspired by Nordic countries. Their style relies on keeping spaces clean and clutter-free. Think Mid-Century and clean-lined furniture mixed with textures such as soft cotton, wood and fur, for an inviting space.

Though fireplaces tend to be important, Scandinavian interiors rely on lighting to anchor the room. They often mix periods and styles of neutral fixtures to create a simple Scandi space. A combination of floor lamps, iconic bedroom lighting and ceiling pendants emphasise the minimalist aspect. Colourful interiors are not common in Scandinavian design. A neutral palette with combinations of greys, whites, earth tones and blacks are popular. Stark contrasts are also common, mixing blacks and whites frequently with light wood tones. Besides the muted hues, metallic and brass on accent pieces add interesting touches. Creating a beautiful and cohesive space starts with floors. Most Scandi interiors embrace the organic nature of wood as a flooring option. Warm wood tones, whites and greys tend to be the most popular as they don’t put any restraints on interior decor choices.

Scandinavian Colour Palette Ideas

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