The holidays are upon us! It seems like 5 minutes ago it was summer, now it’s time to visit pumpkin farms and jingle all the way home. Thankfully, a few little ideas can get you into the holiday spirit and without much effort, turn your home into a cozy place to spend the next few months. Whether that entails family, friends and entertaining or just your immediate family, it will make this year a special memory to remember.

Table and Table setting decor

Your table is one of the most versatile, yet fun ways to dress up your dining room. Let’s start with the table un-set. Candles, candle holders and votives, especially the holiday scented ones are wonderful starters. Adding natural greenery, boughs, leaves, pinecones, fruit or gourds are beautiful backgrounds for a table. A runner can be used with or without a tablecloth, adding color or just a base for your decor. Twinkling lights are another addition if you want extra sparkle.

Setting the table is even more fun. Experiment with different bits of nature, free from your garden or backyard. Wrap napkins with twine and attach twigs or berries. Add votives to each place setting, even placing them in a juice cup looks pretty when they are lit. If you are running late, just fluff napkins into the wine glasses! Dinner plates with different color salad plates look creative when mixed together. If you are not up for the classic red and green, try mixed metals with white for a touch of glam.


Christmas engineered hardwood flooring

Inviting and warm, yet noteworthy. Make your living area stunningly approachable with minor details that are simple and embrace the holiday season. Accents of greenery to any room are a wonderful way to bring the scent of the forest inside. Accent pillows and throws can transform your space in no time, making this one of the easiest ways to change your decor. Lots of color variations are “winter-friendly”, such as winter whites, flannel plaids, reds and greens, fall colors, mixed gold and silver, earth colors, etc.

A soft area rug can invite a comfortable atmosphere, taking your living space to another level. Whether it be a shag rug or more of a handwoven type, they definitely add an element of warmth.

Largely a controversial conversation, Christmas decorations are starting to spring up right after Halloween. This is strictly a personal preference, obviously. Whenever it is the right time for you and your family, holiday decorations add to your home and to some, carry on a tradition. Adding candles, sentimental items and tree decor make the space look even cozier.


How to decorate for christmas

Fancy or simple, your mantle should be the focal point of the room. For the holidays, that could be as easy as adding a bough of fresh greenery with some sparkly lights. Feeling less simple? Glass hurricanes with candles, picture frames with images or inspirational sayings, pottery or glass vases, votives, stockings, eucalyptus leaves and mixed greenery, holiday knick-knacks, and mixed metal decor are ways to dress up your fireplace mantle.

For your fireplace, even if it is not a functional one, a bundle of fresh cut wood brings a beautiful earthy smell to your space.


Woodpecker christmas kitchen

The holidays bring our kitchens out of hibernation, making them a flurry of activity during prep and entertaining. Some easy ways to gently steer the focus of attention on the decor instead of the sinkful of dirty dishes is a little creativity. Start with lovely smelling candles, like a sugar cookie scent or similar. Next, a wreath or fresh greenery on the wall/s above counter level. Then, add fresh towels, either in holiday colors or your kitchen colors. Holiday pot-holders are a fun addition, also. Finally, don’t forget any holiday decorations you have such as reindeer, stars, snowflakes, etc.

Now is the time to get out any holiday themed plates, serving dishes or baking supplies you have. Tuck away any clutter on the counter you don’t use (a box to the garage works wonders and you can sort through after the holidays).


As the holiday season approaches, our exteriors become more barren, yet we try to make them look more inviting. This is no easy task, said from one who has been on a rickety ladder a time or two. However, simply sweeping your front steps and adding a gorgeous wreath to your door is a great start. Some potted mini cedars decorated with string lights will look simple and appealing. Adorn your mailbox with a big waterproof bow. Battery-operated LED votives in votive holders are an uncomplicated way to light up your steps. Last, but not least, a holiday doormat can be the best welcome for anyone coming to visit!

We hope you enjoyed our few holiday tips and insights. We invite you to explore our flooring collections that are ideal for any home online anytime or order complimentary samples here