An Introduction into Traditional Interior Design…

Traditional interiors are elegant, comforting, and timeless. One of the most well-known styles, traditional design is predictable and elicits a similarity to 18th and 19th-century European decor. In general, a traditional space will feature a neutral paint base and then colours that pop. Upholstery, artwork, and accents are popular in tones of green, red, gold, blue, brown, and yellow. Many common ways to add ambience are damask, stripes, floral and other patterns.

An important factor in traditional interiors is symmetry. Furniture, lighting, accessories, and furnishings should all be in pairs. This balances the space and keeps everything together.
Traditional style generally has architectural wood detail and heavy window coverings. Commonly, wood flooring and area rugs are used throughout the living areas.

Traditional Colour Palette Ideas

Traditional Interiors