Home Design Trends Illustrate the Effects of COVID-19

Our home, an extension of ourselves, is an environment we can dominate by filling it with things we love and portray who we are. Each year, we welcome new interior design trends. 2022, however, is going to be slightly different. 

The Home Design Trends for 2022 are very much influenced by COVID-19. During the pandemic, we were forced to remain at home and our living space became an office, perhaps even a classroom too. As such, it is sensible that most of us have had to make accommodating changes in our homes that will become the trend for this coming year. 

Let’s explore what’s up and coming for interiors during 2022! 

Starting with the most obvious, home office: reinvented 

One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic was the home office dilemma. Not many of us own a dedicated place in our homes for an office, therefore a higher demand for bigger living spaces and repurposing of rooms.  

Coming into 2022, even from an architecture and new construction perspective, we will see new spaces fully designated and designed for home offices. The style, essentially, is up to the owner but having a designer or architect layout the flow can be one of the best things you can spend your money on. What works for you and your lifestyle is a high priority but functionality and being aesthetically appealing are both important.  

Natural and sustainable

Sustainable is always in style. More importantly, it will be increasingly essential for 2022. Using natural materials that are not harmful to the environment is one of the many ways to do your part and using reclaimed items reduces waste. Restoring old furniture to give it one last chance is also among the alternatives to be sustainable, think about sanding and painting the beautiful wood table in your dining room or reupholstering the living room sofa to match the latest design trends. 

Incorporating plants inside

When cooped up at home, especially noticeable during the pandemic, we are more than ever in need of contact with the outside world. Seemingly insignificant, but adding greenery to your living space will make you feel closer to nature, and gives you exceptional health benefits. Not only do they look great, but they also fill empty spaces with beautiful foliage. 

Plants will be a big player in interior design trends next year so have a look at our blog post “Plants in modern interior design” and how to choose the best plants for your space

Multifunctional spaces 

Part of the global pandemic was overcrowding, trying our best to adjust and make room for our family’s needs. That said, most of us had to make changes in our houses, making use of every square inch. It should come as no surprise that interior trends for 2022 are featuring more multifunctional spaces than we have seen before. Think about innovative ways to divide and open rooms, furniture that can be used for multiple purposes and dead spaces that can be revived and redistributed.  

Vinyl flooring in a basement Brecon Barley

Minimalistic interiors are here to stay

The more time we spend at home the more irritated we are with clutter. What about the extra decor pieces you added in your place just because they were a good deal, the leftover holiday paraphernalia, or the extra knick-knacks you have in your kitchen? Minimalist spaces are going to be favored in 2022 so now would be a good time to start organizing or moving things to storage and making your room more airy. 


Image sourced from Home Building plans

A well known sustainable material, glass is getting more popular by the day. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors give the illusion of a bigger space, as well as a cohesiveness between the inside and outside. Glass is also fun to decorate with, little bud vases on a windowsill add charm and can be changed out often.  

2022 Interior color palette

It sounds repetitive but the pandemic changed the way we live. We are seeing our homes in a new light. Instead of only being home once in a while, we were forced to look at our decor every day, whether we liked it or not. You are imagining waking up in the morning “to go to work” (your designated space in the house) and seeing colors that don’t inspire you. Whether we are still working from home, or ever did, our homes in the new year should make us happy and energized. So, absolutely, yes in 2022, we will see a lot of whites, greens, and neutral color palettes. Actually, Sherwin-Williams announced Evergreen Fog as the 2022 color of the year, it’s worth having a look at this dreamy gray-green tone. 

Parquet is coming back

Picking up in the US, we have seen the parquet trend getting stronger. The new wider and longer planks make this flooring look modern and contemporary, however, being so versatile it really works for any style. Herringbone or chevron patterns make any space a statement piece, turning a blank slate into a piece of art. Don’t hesitate to check out our Goodrich collection and be sure to order samples. 

Lighter floors

Steadily throughout this year, we have seen a higher demand for lighter floors. For the new year, beige, greige and whites are on-trend for hardwood flooring. We have beautiful collections of floors in beiges and whites for you to explore.  

Now that we have explored what the in-demand new interior design trends are for 2022, we can’t wait to see what you come up with for your home! What is the one piece from your current house that best represents who you are? Follow us on social media and share it with us!