Lynton Estuary Oak

Stratex | Brushed and Matte Urethane

Lynton Estuary Oak

Stratex | Brushed and Matte Urethane

SKU: 33-LYT-004

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Lynton Estuary Oak

Imagine salt and sand, years of maritime history ingrained into the timbers of hardworking waterside structures, captured in this characterful brushed and matte urethane board. This floor is within our Stratex range which means it is built using next-generation technology. The stable mineral composite core makes this a high-performance board. Lynton Estuary Oak is guaranteed for twenty-five years.

Additional information

Pack Size


Bevels on Edges

Micro Bevel All 4 Edges

Core Material

Natural Mineral / Resin Composite


Brushed & Matte Urethane

Fitting Method


Floor Color


Floor Grade


Floor Joint


Floor Thickness


Floor Type





48 in

Planks per Pack


Tog Rating


Underfloor Heating


Wear layer



6 1/2 in


These are the questions we get asked most often about our floors and their features.

Does my Lynton floor need to acclimatise before installing?

Yes – We recommend you let your Lynton floor acclimatise for at least 24 hours before installing. This needs to be in the same room that it will be installed in, and it needs to remain within the sealed packaging. The sealed packaging helps ensure the floor doesn’t warp with the change of temperature from different environments. Do not store the flooring outdoors, in an outbuilding, or anywhere with damp or condensation problems.

What condition should the subfloor be in?

The surface immediately beneath a Woodpecker natural wood floor must be in good structural condition, free from damp rot, fungal or insect infestation, and contaminating residues. It must be flat with uneven areas not exceeding 3mm over a 2m area. Naturally, the surface should be vacuumed and totally free of debris before fitting begins. Hot pipes should be well insulated to prevent localised hotspots, which can cause Lynton flooring to distort.

How do I clean my Lynton floor?

Our cleaning kits for lacquered floors are suitable for your Lynton floor to keep them shining, alternatively use a well wrung damp mop.

Do I need additional underlay with my Lynton floor?

No – Lynton floors have built-in underlay therefore additional underlay should not be used. This can create additional bounce which can damage the joints. If you need to raise the height of the floor then we recommend using plywood.

Is Lynton wood-effect or real wood?

Lynton floors have 1mm of European oak, therefore they have a real wood top layer. This is why they are water-resistant rather than waterproof.

Can I use this floor with underfloor heating?

Yes – You can use this floor with underfloor heating.

What type of joint does this floor have?

This floor has easiloc/click-joints.

How can this floor be laid?

This floor should only be floated.

How thick is Lynton flooring?

Lynton is 7mm thick with a 1mm wear layer of real oak flooring.

How much should I allow for wastage?

We generally recommend 10% wastage, however, this can be impacted by the room shape, laying style and other factors so always check with your installer first.