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Floormate provides excellent moisture protection and is ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic. Made from recycled rubber, this is a great environmentally friendly option that is also suitable for use over underfloor heating. Floormate incorporates a foil vapour barrier and combines comfort, support, and good sound and thermal insulation. Floormate has very good longevity and it will last the lifetime of the product it is installed under - as long as installed correctly. Rubber crumb underlays are widely accepted as the toughest underlays on the market and are therefore extremely suitable for high traffic areas. Due to the low tog rating (0.8), this underlay allows heat to pass through without blocking its path. Additionally, the latex used to bind the rubber crumb is specially formulated to ensure that heat does not impact the product performance, and the rubber crumb itself is made from car tyres that must cope with excess heat and extreme wear.  

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110ft², 180ft²