Get Ready for the Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2024

Looking to update your space or to plan ahead for your upcoming interior design project? As we move towards 2024, there are plenty of upcoming trends that you’ll want to keep an eye on. Whether you’re a designer or homeowner, these top 10 interior design trends of 2024 are sure to inspire and elevate your design game. From neutral hardwood to mixed metals, and nature-inspired colors to performance fabrics, let’s dive into the latest interior design trends of the future.

1. Neutral Hardwood

Introducing neutral-colored hardwood floors will be a popular trend in the next few years. The elegance of neutral-toned hardwood floors allows them to complement any décor. With color palettes trending towards bolder accents with paint and décor, the floor needs to remain that neutral, seamless foundation to any room. The beauty of these floors is that they work best almost anywhere. These types of floors can resist scratches and damage, making them ideal for high traffic areas.

2. Color Palette of Dark Green and Blue:

Hybrid wood floor in an open plan house

Neutral tones have dominated interior design schemes the past few years. However, expect this trend to shift moving into 2024. Expect to see deeper hues of dark forest green and navy blue colors of the year. Bolder colors on cabinets, monochromatic backsplash tile to match the wall paint, and more are some places we are seeing these colors the most. When updating the space, these shades will create a needed pop to a serene and calming environment. Gradually add touches of these hues to your décor as they become more popular.

3. Nature-Inspired Colors and Textures:

Interior design trends 2024 earthy colors

People are beginning to appreciate the beauty of nature and taking it to the indoors. Be ready to see a lot of earthy tones and natural texture materials in the upcoming year on everything from throw pillows to wall overings. This style involves using earthy greens, browns and beiges, and incorporating smooth stones and natural wood to your home décor. The key is to create a comfortable balance that mimics the great outdoors.

4. Spaces That Create A Moment:

This trend acknowledges how important it is to create a moment in your living space. It’s all about making conscious choices about design elements like color palettes, furniture, and textures so that you feel more comfortable in that space. Going beyond creating a cozy environment, this trend is all about designing a sensory experience through intentionality. Unique furniture that serves as art and function, décor you can interact with, and spaces that create a moment that turns into memories. Who doesn’t want a social-media post worthy backdrop to make your picture pop? Creating themed spaces will continue to show its presence heavily in 2024

5. Neutrals Accented with Other Neutrals:

White and beige neutral tones with dark accents are still holding strong in 2024, with the added layer of playing around with different shades of neutrals. This trend gives you the versatility to add the perfect pop of color to any space while maintaining a neutral color scheme. Black being the most favored accent color with the neutral palette, we will continue to see a wide array of white, beige and gray’s accents with like colors and a contrast pop.

6. Mixed Metals:

Interior design trends of 2024. Mixed metals
Goodrich Milton

Warm, cool and neutral metal tones will be in high demand in the upcoming years. Like mixed neutrals, metals are another category of neutrals to consider. The contrast between warm and cool tone metals will also be on the rise as we fuse neutral color pallets, making homes rich, warm and tactile. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your metals – brass, copper, silver and gold can all work fabulously together in the right environment.

7. Performance Fabric:

With the world of textiles continuing to innovate, we’re all about fabrics that can perform, whether for spills, stains, wear and tear or even anti-dust build-up. Performance fabric looks will be in high demand! As spaces transform into intentional spaces, and homes are being used as temporary residences, having fabrics that can both aesthetically please and behave accordingly is almost mandatory. ! People don’t want to choose between style and practicality – and in 2024 they won’t have to.

8. Fun Backsplash:

Interior design trends of 2024. Fun backsplash
Nuance Showroom

Backsplashes have always been a great way to add color and personality to any kitchen, but expect 2024 to take this trend up a notch. While still featuring classic materials, we’ll soon be seeing tiles of varying shapes, sizes and finishes being used in playful and innovative ways. Monochromatic color schemes, bold color pallets, and fun shapes are all things to expect.

9. Better Use of Furniture and Space:

Interior design trends 2024

Comfortable furniture isn’t a luxury – it’s an essential, and people want to make the most of it. Thoughtful layouts and structures with an emphasis on optimizing every inch of your living space will soon become much more common. As the open concept trend isn’t going away, making individual spaces within those rooms using objects other than walls is the trend to see here.  Think multifunctional pieces that work in a variety of spaces and lead to more comfortable living. 

10. Eclectic Style:

As we move into 2024, having an eclectic style for your home will become all about creating a well-considered and curated space. The new season will see the successful fusion of old and new, mixed prints, texture, and opposite materials to create a light and airy feel. Homes will be a gallery of actual or perceived world travels, spaces that were often overlooked will be carefully curated, and pieces that have dual function both as art and their intended use are all examples of eclectic styles we will see. 

As we move forward, expect a new era of interior design, as our focus shifts to creating more intentional, functional and comfortable spaces. These top 10 interior design trends of 2024 are predictions of what’s to come in the world of interior design and are your inspiration to help you renovate and decorate your home with confidence. From nature-inspired tones to performance fabrics, eclectic style to thoughtful use of furniture and space, these upcoming trends embrace both style and practicality in every room of your home.