Top 7 Engineered Hardwood Floors Loved by Interior Designers and Architects

Many interior designers and architects favor engineered hardwood floors because of their durability, versatility, and stability. However, the term “engineered” may cause confusion for some homeowners, who may think that the product is not real wood. In reality, engineered wood flooring contains a real layer of wood, while the core of the floor is man-made, providing excellent stability for the board.

There are several reasons why engineered wood flooring is a popular choice. Firstly, it allows for longer and wider planks to be created, which can achieve the desired aesthetic for a project. Additionally, underfloor heating can be used with engineered wood flooring, whereas it is not compatible with solid wood flooring. Moreover, engineered wood flooring is more sustainable as it only requires the amount of wood needed to create the wear layer, enabling multiple planks to be made from a single solid board.

We have compiled the 7 most popular engineered hardwood floors loved by the specifiers

Salcombe Seashore

An engineered floor with 3mm wear layer and a multi-core. This floor evokes the pastel hues with ashen, honey and cocoa shades. It has also been smoked to add further depth and intensity to each board. This floor is popular for its click system and ability to be installed as a floating floor.

Harlech Raw.

There are three reasons why this floor is highly popular. Firstly, it displays the natural color of wood, giving the impression of untreated, bare wood. Secondly, the Harlech collection offers a 4mm wear layer, making it suitable for practically any project. Lastly, this floor is offered in herringbone, chevron as well as straight planks.

Harlech Ecru

Another floor from the Harlech collection and for a good reason. This pale floor is the perfect complement to modern interiors. Boards have an unfinished look and brushed texture for a beautifully natural feel. Harlech Ecru Oak is also available in a matching herringbone plank

Harlech White Smoked Oak

A beautiful fresh whitened engineered oak floor that has been smoked to enhance its ashen undertones and then carefully brushed and matte urethane to accentuate the detail in every plank. Perfectly created to suit both traditional and contemporary interior styles. Also available in Herringbone

Berkeley White

Engineered wood floor on a dining room.
Berkeley White Oak

With a 4mm wear layer, this floor evokes a beach-house feel with its chalky ashen tones. It has a hand scrape texture and a character look. Its versatility makes it perfect to pair with any interior style.

Chepstow Washed

The Chepstow collection offers a generous 6mm wear layer, which is the thickest currently available on an engineered wood floor. The boards are also 13/16″ thick and impressively stable. This collection is ideal for high-traffic areas as it can withstand wear and tear. Additionally, there is minimal movement of the planks and it can be refinished one more time than a floor with a 4mm wear layer.

Chepstow washed is full of whirling natural details, the subtle pale wash brings out the delicate grey hues and golden undertones. it has a character look and it’s available in 7 1/2″ or 9 1/2″ wide

Chepstow rustic brushed and oiled.

With the same characteristics explained above this floor brings the classic look of rustic oak in a premium, substantial engineered board. Merging natural style with a timeless appeal in its flowing grain patterns, and caramel shades.

Any of these floors presents an excellent choice for homeowners, designers, and architects alike. Their durability, versatility, and ability to adapt to various design aesthetics make them a favorite. The vast selection, from the pastel hues of Salcombe Seashore to the rustic appeal of Chepstow brushed and oiled, offers something for every taste. Whether for a modern home or a traditional setting, any of these collections provide an elegant and practical solution, pairing the best of both worlds… real wood with the robustness of modern engineering.