Wide Plank Flooring on Interior Design

When it comes to flooring, wide plank wood flooring is all the rage right now. But what is wide plank flooring? What are the benefits of using wide plank flooring in interior design? And why are people choosing wide plank over other types of wood flooring? In this blog post, we will answer all those questions and more. So, if you’re thinking about installing wide plank wood floors in your home, read on for some valuable information!

Engineered wood flooring in a living room
Chepstow Cocoa

What is a wide plank?

Over the last decade, wide plank flooring has become all the rage – introducing planks that commonly measure between 5″ to 7.5″, far greater than 2″-3″ wood floors seen in older homes. Interestingly, extra-wide planking has become increasingly favored today and generally measures from 8″-12″.

Effects of wide plank flooring in a room

Engineered wood flooring in a traditional home
Harlech Raw Oak

Wide planks make a room look bigger since they create a continuous strong line throughout the room. This look is especially popular in open-concept homes, where it can give the illusion of one large space rather than multiple rooms. Wide planks also make a statement and add character to any interior design scheme. 

On the other hand, extra wide planks can cause the opposite effect in a smaller room.

Wide planks and interior styles.

Wide planks can be combined with any interior style, from traditional to modern, and they can be used to create either a light airy look or a darker feel. This is due to the fact the floor creates a minimalist look that can be paired with either subtle or bold colors and furniture. 

On the other hand, narrower planks can create a more dynamic pattern that when blended with an interior style such as maximalist, eclectic, or even classic will make the room appear busy and overwhelming.

Rooms suitable for wide plank flooring

Engineered wood flooring on a modern kitchen
Berkeley white oak

Installing hardwood floors can add a sense of timeless beauty to bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and kitchens alike. Bathrooms, however,  or other high-moisture spaces can be very damaging to the flooring over time. 

If you decide to install wood in the kitchen area, be sure to keep up with regular cleaning rituals and mop away any spilled water immediately!

Wide plank installation

Installation is faster and cheaper when using wide planks since fewer boards are used to cover the same space as those with a narrower width, thereby reducing labor costs.

Regarding the material, wide planks are more expensive per square foot than the counterpart. This is because wide planks are made from older trees and more material is needed.

Most popular wide planks

If you are looking for wide planks flooring, have a look at all our floors. Woodpecker offers a wide range of flooring options, from rustic to modern. We guarantee you’ll find something that fits your interior design needs. 


The beauty of wide plank flooring is that it offers a personalized touch, enabling you to create the aesthetic look that perfectly suits your style. Whether you prefer classic chic or modern minimalism, this type of flooring complements all interior designs in an eye-catching manner.