How to Make Your Wood Floors Look New Again

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but over time they can start to look a bit tired. If you’re wondering how to make wood floors look new again, don’t worry – we have you covered! In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to clean and care for your wood floor so that it looks like new for years to come.

When you’re thinking about wood of any kind, the question of finishes always comes up. Many people will ask, which one is better, an oiled or urethane finish? However, there is no right answer to that — only the right answer for you.

Oiled wood floors

With an oiled finish, a board is coated between 5-7 times and cured with a UV lamp between coats to produce a protective, muted appearance. The oil seeps deep into the wood grain creating a strong and durable finish.

An oiled wood floor has many advantages and the most important one is the fact you will have a lot more control over its care. You can re-oil the floor without the help of an expert and you can blend scratches in by applying more of the oil to fix them — a nice perk!

Woopdecker Flooring Engineered Oak
Harlech White Oiled Oak

Maintenance of an oiled floor

First, let’s start by addressing the importance of a cleaning routine. By regularly cleaning your wood floor with a vacuum or broom, you’ll reduce the amount of dirt and dust that can act as sandpaper on wood floors. Be sure to avoid using water when cleaning wood floors unless it has been mixed with the cleaning solution — it can cause damage to the finish.

Gently clean oil wood floors with a professional wood cleaner specifically made for oiled wood floors and a microfiber cloth or mop.

Re-oil an oiled wood floor

An advantage of an oiled floor is that you can choose to oil it yourself, rather than hire a professional. You can also spread out the process by doing one room at a time, so you don’t have to move out of your property.


  1. Start by doing your maintenance regular routine
  2. Use “One Coat Cleaner” for a more thorough clean, and to prepare the surface so that it can be re-oiled. Please wait 15 minutes to an hour for the drying process to complete before moving onto the next step.
  3. Apply “one coat oil” product with white application pads and let it react for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Remove the excess of oil with a dry rag within 10-15 minutes.
  5. Stay off the treated area for 24 hours

Urethane wood floors

Engineered wood floor harlech raw oak in a new construction featured in the new york times
Harlech Raw Oak

If your urethane floor gets any isolated scratches or dents, these can be sealed using Woodpecker Scratch Cover according to the instructions supplied.

Deeper scratches or gouges might call for professional wood filler, available in a variety of colors from most hardware and flooring retailers. Afterward, apply some Woodpecker Scratch Cover to give the repair a protective finish.

Extra care is needed when sanding stained floors to ensure that the process doesn’t break through the complete layer of stain. In this instance, the floor would require a patch repair before the urethane is applied.

If the floor is badly worn in some places, it may be necessary to sand the flooring back to its unfinished surface before recoating all over. Unlike oil, urethane doesn’t penetrate the wood’s surface instead, it sticks to it so the entire floor must be covered to avoid ridges and overlap marks. A single coat of urethane will be enough to protect against moisture, though several coats should be applied if the floor faces lots of foot traffic.

No wood floor can remain looking like new forever, but with the right care and attention you can keep your wood flooring looking its best for many years. Both oiled and urethane wood floors require routine cleaning and maintenance to help preserve their natural beauty, so be sure to follow the above steps regularly. Ultimately, deciding which wood floor is right for you comes down to personal preference, so take the time and consider all options — only the right answer for you.

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