Flooring trends 2023: everything you need to know.

Flooring trends for 2023 are starting to emerge. If you are looking for updating your floor or just want to stay informed on the latest trends, this blog post will tell you the most likely flooring predictions for 2023.

Engineered wood floor

One thing is for sure, engineered wood flooring is going to continue to grow in popularity. This type of flooring is more stable and sustainable than solid floors, It is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from homes to businesses. There are numerous advantages to engineered flooring, including bigger and longer planks, as well as the ability to install underfloor heating.

Vinyl flooring

Brecon Blanche Oak Herringbone Stratex Flooring

Flooring trends 2023
Brecon Blanche Oak Herringbone

This trend is expected to continue in 2023. Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP for short, has come a long way in recent years, thanks to advances in technology. It now looks very similar to real wood but it is a less expensive alternative. In addition, it has multiple benefits such as: easy upkeep, waterproof, and durable.

Luxury vinyl flooring may be a wonderful alternative for you if you have a busy job and little time to spare on cleaning, or if you have pets and children. Remember that LVP comes with four to five designs, whereas high-end flooring companies provide more plank patterns for an even more realistic wood appearance. Check out our Brecon collection, which includes eight distinct wood patterns.

Hybrid flooring

lynton natural oak in a modern kitchen

Flooring trends 2023
Lynton Natural Oak

Another type of flooring that is growing in popularity is hybrid flooring. Hybrid flooring is a combination of real wood and vinyl, which gives you the best of both worlds. The real wood top layer provides a natural look, while the core layer offers durability and stability.

Our ground-breaking Lynton range combines the beauty of mature European oak with the impressive stability of our unique limestone core technology. With a real wood top layer and built-in underlay, this innovative range offers the beauty of real wood with the practicality of incredibly strong and stable, dent-resistant boards. 

Rustic textures

Engineered wood flooring in a commercial setting. | Berkeley Cottage Oak

Flooring trends 2023
Berkeley Cottage Oak

In 2023, we will see a trend toward more rustic textures, such as sawn, brushed, and distressed. This is in response to the growing popularity and desire for more natural looks.

If this is what you are looking for, check out the floors below.

Parquet flooring

Goodrich Biscotti Oak Engineered Flooring
Goodrich Biscotti Oak

Parquet flooring is another trend that has been growing in popularity among designers in the last couple of years. The influence from Europe is taking over the American market with beautiful and modern herringbone and chevron patterns.

Parquet flooring is available in larger planks than traditional, as well as a new and improved format for a more modern appearance. To make the design more intriguing, you may lay single or double herringbone.

Another gorgeous look is the combination of parquet flooring with wide planks. we offer matching products in order to achieve this look, have a look at the pictures below for some inspiration.


Engineered wood flooring in a beautiful bedroom
Harlech Raw Oak

In 2023, the trend is going toward more natural almost unfinished look. Other colors like: light browns, brown with a hint of grey, whites and white washed will be on the popular board as well. In general, the trend is going towards cool shades and naturals shades getting away from yellow shades.

wide planks

chepstow washed oak engineered flooring
Chepstow Washed Oak

This trend doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. People are looking more and more for wider and longer planks to make more minimalist interiors.

There you have it, flooring predictions for 2023. What do you think of these trends? Do you see yourself using any of them in your next project? If you have questions or you just want to talk to our great sales team, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

If you want to replace your floor but don’t know where to start, we suggest having a look at this resource. You can also order free samples if you know already what you are looking for.