Compilation of the best Natural Wood Floors

Wood floors have been one of the most desirable choices for homeowners and designers alike, they give your space the opportunity to make a statement. Recently, with its organic appeal, natural wood flooring has been extremely in demand. 

Inspired by the look of bare wood, flooring with minimal treatment creates a welcome and open feeling, and the look only gets better with age. 

Designers are interested in the color and tone of the wood as well as it’s natural texture and grain- it can make for a stunning floor with variation from board to board similar to a work of art. Also, from a design perspective, natural flooring can be paired with endless trends and works as a perfect backdrop for an extensive range of styles. 

Below we have compiled a list of our favorite natural-looking floors.

Chepstow Washed Oak Engineered Flooring
Chepstow Washed Oak
Lynton Seagrass Oak


Woopdecker Flooring Engineered Oak
Harlech White Oiled
This captivating white oak floor inspires a calm and relaxed feel in the home. 
engineered Hardwood floor classroom
Harlech White Smoked Oak
Perfectly created to suit both traditional and contemporary interior designs 
modern kitchen with white cabinets and light hardwood flooring
Berkeley White Oak
This white oak floor evokes a beach-house feel with its chalky ashen stain and array of rustic details


Engineered wood flooring in a kitchen
Chepstow Planed Grey Oak
Beautifully smooth surface brings to life ashen undertones and modern grey highlights.
engineered wood flooring Berkeley grey oak
Berkeley Grey Oak
Relaxing ashen hues blend with a meticulously hand-scraped texture in this extra rustic oak floor.
Goodrich Salted Oak
Bear distinctive saw marks for a striking rustic effect, whilst being wonderfully contemporary in color. 
Chepstow Sawn Grey Oak
With delicate ashen hues and a beautifully rough surface that evokes the feel of freshly sawn lumber