The Return of White Wood Floors. 11 floors to get mesmerized

White wood floors are making a comeback, but if you are envisioning your grandmother’s flooring, the new version of white wood is a severely updated version. Modern trends in interior design have made white wood floors more popular and, while bringing them back as a sought-after trend, this time they represent a serene aura of escaping from the strains of modern life.

Trending towards being as open as possible in order to be bright and spacious, interior spaces are featuring more open concept designs and higher ceilings. Light & natural colors are also blooming, with the idea of creating a haven to relax in after a stressful day or a comfortable, yet efficient work from home environment. 

White wood flooring really is perfect for most of the main interior styles including coastal, farmhouse, modern and Scandi. With white, you can start with any color and build a palette. Light and airy spaces are key components to achieve these styles and white wood flooring in wide planks is the first step in creating this effect.

To achieve the white wood look you are envisioning, there are several options. If quality and a lifetime product is what you are after, engineered hardwood is your gal. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for a real wood product, you can go with either a luxury vinyl plank or a hybrid floor (1mm wear layer with even better benefits than LVP). All of these options have their plusses and minuses but a quality manufactured product will make your space look beautiful.

Now, let’s talk about finishes. There are a few different looks on white wood flooring. One technique is called cerusing, achieved by mixing multiple colors and finishes that accentuate the wood grain.  Another option is pigment staining the wood. Applying clear finishes that have whitening agents is also an alternative that can be either water or oil based. It all depends on personal preference but bear in mind that any white wood flooring will keep the natural tone of wood, regardless of any stain or finish you apply. 

Making your life easier! Below we have compiled a list of our “white floors” category. Some of them have ashen hues, while others have creamy hues. Whatever your preference happens to be, we hope you find your perfect floor! The best part? We send you free samples straight to your doorstep!

Engineered White wood flooring options

modern kitchen with white cabinets and light hardwood flooring
 Berkeley White Oak
Harlech White Smoked Oak Engineered Flooring
Harlech White Smoked Oak
Salcombe chalked oak. engineered hardwood floor
Salcombe chalked oak. engineered hardwood floor
Modern living room with white engineered parquet flooring.
Goodrich whitened oak
Light in color with a contemporary blend of ashen and flaxen tones.

Engineered hardwood floor in white tones. Harlech white oiled oak
Harlech White Oak
Engineered hardwood flooring in wide planks and white tones
Chepstow Vanilla Oak
Salcombe Seashore Oak Engineered Flooring
Salcombe Seashore Oak
Beautiful white herringbone flooring
Goodrich Cotton Oak
The lightest of parquets, this floor adds a fresh, clean & elegant feel to a space.

LVP and Hybrid white flooring options

Brecon Glacial Oak Stratex Flooring
Brecon Glacial Oak
Modern room with light vinyl flooring
Brecon Ivory Oak
Fresh and light, with creamy tones meeting a charming wood character.

Lynton Seagrass Oak Stratex Flooring
Lynton Seagrass Oak