Get enticed by the exciting parquet flooring trend in America

Parquet floors have been enhancing spaces for centuries, but recently they’ve emerged as a more popular option In the United States. As designers, homeowners and businesses are catching on to this European trend, parquet flooring is now being installed in homes and businesses all over. Not only is it timeless, but parquet also comes in a variety of styles, including herringbone and chevron that can offer a look that is on-trend and blends well with any design.

Parquet Origin

Originally originated in France in the 17th century, parquet was created by artisans crafting tiles made by small geometric pieces of wood glued together. As this was a very laborious task, this type of flooring could only be found in aristocrat households and public buildings.

Now, parquet flooring has been shifted to simpler and less complicated patterns like herringbone and chevron which most likely accounts for the sudden popularity in the United States.

Parquet in Interior Design

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Due to its versatility, simplicity, contemporary feel and old-world charm, the design industry is embracing the parquet flooring trend. Since it is a timeless look that can be classic or contemporary depending on how you install your boards, the color used and the width of the plank, parquet is an illimitable design choice.

Not exactly brand new to America, however, parquet flooring’s contemporary colors and patterns have made this type of floor favorable among interior designers. When it comes to creating a statement or an impressive feature in any home, there is no better flooring option than parquet. Styles like herringbone, double herringbone and chevron make breathtaking additions to wow guests and family members with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Parquet in American homes

Open concepts, found in newer American homes, has made it possible to use parquet in pretty much any space of the house. More commonly though, you will find it in high traffic areas where its beauty can be appreciated like the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Parquet is known to complement most designs and adds dimension and depth to any room.

Selection is on your side when shopping for parquet. The flooring comes in many colors, however, if you’re looking for the latest trend, natural shades, white tones and greige colors are the preferred options this year.

Unconventional places for Parquet

Creativity is in the air! With more time being spent at home, new trends and ideas are emerging. Interior designers, as well as homeowners, have been using wood floors in unconventional ways and places. Wood planks have been used to make accent walls, ceilings, doors and even tables.

Parquet flooring is a classic yet contemporary design. From the kitchen to the bedroom, to any room in your space, there are endless opportunities for parquet. If you’re considering changing your floors, take some time to explore all your options today with our free sample offer!