8 simple decor tips to bring the beauty of summer

Summer is upon us in full force and if you haven’t already tucked away your sweaters, boots, and scarves, the time has come. We are now looking forward to many more long, summer days of warm weather and fun in the sun. But what does this mean for your home? Dark colors and heavy textiles, step aside! When you have warm outdoor activities planned and lovely staycation ideas, gloomy indoor spaces need a mini refresh. Read more for eight simple tips that (won’t cost an arm and a leg) and will help make your home summer-ready so it reflects the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Less is more

For the summer, you want your space to feel open, airy and balanced. Don’t overcrowd surfaces with objects and nick-racks, decorate with a minimalistic approach. Let your interiors breathe. Good flow is also important, even furniture can be pared down if there are pieces that can be eliminated. 


Purely a personal preference, this decision definitely has pros and cons either way. Going with a lighter palette is a safer choice and has more long-term advantages, however a more adventurous pop of colors can highlight your personality and make rooms come to life. Let’s evaluate both options:

Light-colored furniture and walls are perfect for summertime because they reflect the sun’s warmth and brightness, light-colored walls and furniture fit with just about any decor. The pro with a light palette is not needing to change it seasonally. Beiges, pastels, greiges, and creams also work well to give your space a fresh feeling without looking too stark white.

On the other hand, we have brighter colors that create a more dramatic effect like pink, bright yellow, orange, lime green, etc. These colors are usually more striking when used in small doses, like a chair, sofa, or pillows for example. A con of using an intense color is that it could be too overpowering. Bold textiles can be easily swapped out seasonally, whereas painting and furniture can be an expensive replacement.

Furniture and textiles

No, we are not expecting you to go out and replace all your furniture for the summer! However, simple things like rearranging the furniture can make a huge difference. Hide the winter throw blankets and bring out the airy and less heavy ones. Grab those pillows from the color palette you have chosen and create an oasis with them. If you can, bring in a lighter area rug. The idea is to have everything you need for ultimate relaxation in one place. Some beach-smelling candles will transform your space into a summer haven.

Bring the beauty of nature to your house

plants in modern interior design

Having plants in your home is very beneficial. They help reduce stress and anxiety, filter the air, increase productivity, help you sleep better, and help fight colds and allergies. Go with some greenery by adding floor plants like a parlor palm or use shelves and smaller plants like succulents. Bring out your inner green thumb, having a summer herb garden inside or outside is easy and fun. Plus, you can use the herbs for salads and cooking all summer! Bringing a beautiful flower bouquet from your favorite flower shop or market will brighten up your space and lifting your mood to start your day with the best vibes.

Natural light

Wherever you happen to be located, summer is usually when the days are longest. Bringing natural light into your home makes everything look better and fresh air breathes new life through the space. Natural light and air is beneficial in every way so, if possible, open windows and let your home get bright and airy. 

Accent paintings

Artwork doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simply hanging children’s framed artwork can be enough. Wayfair has some great summery artwork, or try Smirky for a different portrait style way of art. Another option for art is sticker decals or wood maps. If you get a little creative it can be relatively inexpensive and look stunningly art gallery-esque. 

Bring the blue home.

To achieve a summery look, nautical colors are very popular. For a beach look, bring out the blue from the sea. Accents like driftwood, blue throw pillows, white and blue stools. Blue lighthouses and anchors are also popular decor ideas. 

Bring out the summer decoration.

Table setting in maritime style

Summer entertaining is all about easy and casual. However, dressing up the table or picnic is so easy and inexpensive. Natural materials from outdoors, like beach shells or twigs, are free and add a delightful element to your table. Wrap a pretty summer napkin with some rosemary and twine. Summer disposable tableware is readily available and pretty summer candles adorning your table make it glow luminously.  

Every season has its charm (although summer is our favorite!) and it is so exciting to prepare and decorate. We hope this post has brought you joy and ideas to create a gorgeous summer interior. If you happen to also be in need of flooring, we offer free samples so you can experience first hand the beauty of a Woodpecker floor.