Has the grey trend gone away? Or is it here to stay

In the last 7-8 years we have seen an increase for the demand of grey hardwood floors and interiors in general. This trend started on the west coast and finally reached the rest of the country soon after. Despite many people betting the grey flooring trend was not going to last more than a couple of years, look where we are almost a decade later.

Psychologically speaking, grey represents calmness and neutrality. This color doesn’t revive or energize, it actually goes unseen. In interiors, after a chaotic day full of responsibilities and activities, people tend to relax in what they called their “sanctuary” or their home. Having grey interiors, can make you feel calm, balanced and safe.

We have also seen grey hues been the preferred option to create a more contemporary look. They have been used in many interior styles such as coastal, farmhouse, and scandi despite the opinion of many who affirm that different shades of grey make interiors feel cold. In fact, some greys are very serene and add an overall warmth to the space.

Grey-moodboard with Goodrich Cotton oak
Goodrich Cotton oak

A grey color palette is the perfect neutral combination to create a relaxing and tasteful space. By combining grey with clean lines, metallics and white, a gorgeous modern space will not be difficult to achieve. If a farmhouse style is more what you are looking for, combine it with natural materials to achieve the look. Feeling a little adventurous? Mix pop-up colors such as orange or yellow to add some personality.

As does everything else in life, trends come to an end to accommodate new ones and this is the case of the grey trend.

The new and improved grey trend

Lynton Seagrass Oak Stratex Flooring
Lynton Seagrass Oak

Since mid-2020, we have seen a shift from grey tones towards more natural and greige hues. Basically, grey has evolved into greige and is the new kid on the block. It is the blend of grey and beige, bringing the best of both worlds. Greige produces the perfect natural hue for a cozy yet fresh and modern interior.

By adding grey to a beige color, it neutralizes the yellowish hues and adds a new dimension to a more neutral shade that can be paired with absolutely everything. Keep in mind that depending on the ratios of your mix, you can create a warm neutral or cool neutral so think about this when creating your shade of greige.

Any interior style starts with a choice of flooring. By saying this, you will need to pick a color that will go with the rest of the design. Also, remember when choosing flooring to go with a timeless and versatile floor so your home has reseller value. Our Berkeley Grey Oak has the versatility to go with many styles, below are two examples of how it is used in a modern home and a farmhouse setting.

Chepstow Planed Grey is another favorite floor. If you look closely, the color variation is what makes each board truly unique. It has a rugged, yet distinguished flair that brings out its European heritage.

Engineered wood flooring in a kitchen
Chepstow Planed Grey oak

Whatever happens to be your style, greige is here to stay and we have the perfect floor to compliment. In the market for a new floor soon? You can order free samples from us or make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable sales reps. Whatever your needs are, we can help you find the floor to match.