Bathroom design ideas and inspiration

A bathroom, especially the ensuite, is more than just a bathroom. It is, rather, a place of regeneration and refreshment. It can be a refuge away from the stresses of everyday life, your haven away from the noise of the daily grind, and a place to relax and rejuvenate oneself. Bathrooms are crucial, and as your designated place of relaxation, they should be tastefully decorated in finishes, fabrics, colors, textures, and ornaments that represent your individual personalities and elicit happy feelings from within.

Bathroom Design

From trusty classic white to illuminating modern yellow, there are some new bathroom trends to consider for your entire bathroom remodel or simply a space refresh. Still popular, the traditional bathroom design that is timeless, cozy, and refined as opposed to trend-conscious contemporary bathrooms, favor a fair amount of decorative detail and classic elegance. 

There’s also the debatable open concept design suite that celebrates the integration of the shower, tub, and yes, even the toilet into the same space as the bedroom. However, don’t be too quick to discard the idea of open concept or minimalistic modern. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, without much clutter, they are easy to clean. A walk-in shower can also offer the illusion of more space while still giving the bathroom a clean-lined appearance. Furthermore, adding two shower heads is a brilliant idea for sharing something that is notoriously difficult to share. 

It is hardly surprising that bathroom trends have morphed into zen-like home spas. Nothing beats the silent eloquence of Japanese design when it comes to delivering the relaxing atmosphere. The beauty of a stunning Japanese bathroom lies not only in its sense of minimalism and simplicity but also in its ergonomic design and function. 

Beautiful bathrooms for elderly individuals and those in need of safety features is something to consider when designing or remodeling. With just a little forethought, your bathroom can be future ready. Instead of a tub, think instead of a walk-in shower, possibly with a bench and hand-held fixtures. Lower fixtures for easy reach are handy and an open concept is a good idea if space is available. Some homes even have a pet shower or tub area near their utility entrance! 

Freestanding soaking tubs are a great choice if you are someone who frequently uses the bathroom for long and luxurious soaks. They are one of the most recent home design trends as the tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. As a result, it can give the impression that the bathroom is somewhat larger. 

Bathroom Decorations Ideas

Create your color palette and don’t be afraid to use color. Painting is the most inexpensive way to update your bathroom. Choose light colors for large surfaces such as walls, and reserve deeper, richer tones for accents. Lighting is another significant way to update your project. Changing out your fixtures can be simple, affordable, and it can make a small space appear larger. Replacing bathroom accessories and updating countertops play a big part in finishing the look of your space. 

Want a custom look? Have a local printer blow up your favorite picture into personalized wall art for a one-of-a-kind print. Additionally, new drawer pulls, towel bars, tissue holders, and faucets will fully transform the appearance of your bathroom. 

Bathroom Flooring options

Lynton Seagrass Oak Stratex Flooring
Lynton Seagrass Oak

For a long-lasting and low-maintenance floor, waterproof bathroom flooring choices are your best bet. Look for products such as waterproof core vinyl, our Stratex collection, porcelain and ceramic tile. Waterproof bathroom floors are easily mopped clean and don’t require much maintenance. 

Wood-effect flooring being used in bathrooms is becoming increasingly common. Take, for example, our Brecon flooring. Beautifully embossed and long-lasting with a solid core, the Brecon collection, unlike conventional laminate flooring, is moisture and slip-resistant, giving you even more flexibility in where you can install it.

Half Bathrooms

Usually set on the main floor, a half bath has the ability to be a show-stopper. It is one of the best rooms in the house to decorate for a variety of purposes. Adding some eye-catching wallpaper or wood walls will completely transform the appearance of a half-bathroom. Wallpaper is highly adaptable and can be used on all walls or just the wall behind the sink or toilet. Or find a unique mirror to add dimension. Lighting plays a huge part in small spaces, consider one or multiple pendants to give the room more depth. Keep in mind, all of our flooring collections are suitable for half bathrooms. 

Bathroom design is endless! The best part of remodeling or adding a new bathroom is enjoying the benefits. Not only does it add value, you get to enjoy your very own solitary retreat.