Using wood as accent features

Wood has been a common flooring surface in many homes throughout the years but have you thought about using wood as accent features? Wood planks can be much more than just a floor. Wood planks can be used to showcase an accent wall or even a ceiling.




Picture in your mind, an accent wall of whitewashed herringbone paired with a light-filled room, weathered European furniture, and soft furnishings. Wood installation on walls is really not as hard as you think! Similar to a wood floor, wood walls can bring a room together. The first step is to pick the right wood and color. If you currently have wood flooring in the room you would like to put a wood accent wall, make sure it will complement and not clash. The species and color should match with the room’s flooring and other walls. The next step is to take time to order samples and get it right before you invest in such a significant asset. Wood can add warmth, darken or lighten a room, and add texture so you want to keep all these variables in mind. The final step is finding an installer. Make the effort to interview and get quotes before making your final decision.


For a truly unique look, consider a wood ceiling. With not too much effort, planks can cover imperfections and have a dramatic effect. This could even be accomplished by a DIYer as long as the planks are attached securely. And the best news? It works with any kind of decor. Add height to a room by choosing lighter wood tones that reflect light. Darker woods work better for a more cozy look, which also makes the ceiling appear lower. A wood ceiling accent is for an out of the ordinary look, someone who wants to create an uncommonly beautiful setting from top to bottom.

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Wood planks have found their way into our homes in the most creative ways. Tabletops, for example. Planks are fitted together on a plywood base, edge banded with ¼” solid oak, and attached to a sturdy base. Headboards are another idea, either for a built-in entry bench or a bed. To be really creative, you could cut up leftover planks and use them for placemats.