Tips For Using Plants In Interior Design

Plants can be a great asset to any interior style. With so many options, all with different levels of care, it can be overwhelming to even begin the process of decorating with plants. This post will help you narrow down some ideas and get inspired.


Floor plants are a great option for interior decor, because they act as accents much the way that end tables, floor lamps, sideboards and other pieces do, but without the hefty price tag. Have you been going crazy trying to fill that last empty corner? A potted floor plant is an easy option. Floor plants are also easy to update by simply switching out the pot or stand in which they’re housed. One thing to remember when selecting floor plants is how much light it will require to thrive, as some plants will wilt without an abundance of natural light, while others will make it just fine. A beautiful and versatile option is a snake plant. These are stylish, sleek, and require very low maintenance. It hardly needs watering, but once every few weeks, and will do well in any kind of light.


Shelves on their own are a great asset to home decor, but they can be tricky to style. Adding a small plant, such as a cactus or succulent, is an easy way to tie a shelf, or even a whole room, together. Plants look great on both floating wall shelves, and stand alone shelves. Just make sure that these plants get lots of natural light, which is necessary for them to thrive.


Hanging plants are a unique and creative way to incorporate some greenery into your home. You can keep the look simple with an air plant in a small glass terrarium, or go bold with something like trailing jade in a macramé plant hanger. These will instantly draw the eye and give any room some much needed flair.



Perhaps the easiest and most budget friendly way to incorporate plants into your home is by picking up some cut blooms or greens from your local market. All you have to do is set a bunch in a stylish vase with some fresh water, and you have an instant room booster. Hydrangeas always look lovely placed atop any coffee or dining table, and they can last quite awhile. Eucalyptus is another stylish and long-lasting option that looks great in a simple cylinder vase.