Styling Dark and Light Flooring

Light Floor Styling: Light, Bright, Airy!

One of the most appreciated features of lighter flooring is its ability to make a space appear larger. Visually appealing, light floors have a feeling of being bright and spacious. Light and matte finish flooring has become more common in America, despite being a Scandinavian trend for years.

Dark Wall color

Consider natural light when contemplating darker walls. If there is none, or very little, your room may look closed in or heavy. Complimenting your flooring undertones also helps to bring consistency, even white can be warm or cool, depending on the shade. Even if they are subtle, creating contrasts are important. For example, if your floors are grey, the same or similar shade for your walls would not be your best choice.

Light Wall Color

Classic and timeless, white is the most popular choice. With the overwhelming variation of white shades, which one works? There really isn’t a right answer, in this case, multiple shades of white can add visible interest when paired together. A powerful backdrop is achieved with wall textures and multiple light tones. Simple, light colors give rooms big personality with any interior style.


Dark Floor Styling: Behold: Beautiful Contrasts!

With dark flooring, you can create a timeless backdrop that works well with both light and dark interior design.

Dark Wall Color

Becoming increasingly popular, dark floors with dark walls can make your room cozy, rich and inviting. However, make sure you balance the colors with the undertones in your floor. An accent wall is an excellent choice if you are not quite sure about an entirely dark room. For larger rooms, dark flooring and walls will create a warm feel but do keep in mind small rooms will look even smaller.

Light Wall Color

White or very light walls with dark flooring in an open floor plan works well and looks beautiful with any style. To create a bolder look, you can add pops of color with an accent wall, even muted tones can stand out against the white.


Woodpecker Flooring-Engineered wood-Chepstow Calico Oak


Furniture, mirrors, and textiles are an excellent way to add to your style. With darker colors, natural light or custom lighting can sometimes add that final touch. Dark flooring is so versatile: from modern to traditional, from all dark interior to black & white contrast, from colorful eclectic to bohemian. Even kitchens are incredibly stunning against a dark floor backdrop.

Engineered wood flooring in a kitchen

Work It!

Mixing materials, textures, and textiles will avoid a boring space. Don’t hesitate to incorporate throw rugs, mirrors, and lighting to add balance. Whatever you choose, consider putting together some images and ideas that inspire you. That way, you or your designer can get a feel for how your space will look. Flooring is the backdrop that creates dramatic spaces!