5 Steps For Choosing The Perfect Floor

Hardwood, Tile, Concrete, Carpet? With so many options to choose from, it is difficult to figure out the perfect floor. Read through these 5 steps to help you narrow down your choices.

Know Your Style

First, think about your priorities: would you prefer aesthetics over practicality? Some would choose a magazine look over an easy-to-care-for surface. Others would prefer a virtually maintenance-free floor even if it wasn’t their favorite choice.

Being a backdrop for the entire look of your space, you want to carefully choose something that compliments your style.

Take the time to ask yourself some important questions. Will the surface you pick become outdated or will be it timeless? Color and size are also factors to consider. What color goes with your decor? Will you want to change your decor color? Do you prefer wide/large or thin/small? Interestingly enough, small spaces actually look larger with wider planks.


salcombe seashore oak
Salcombe Seashore Oak

Consider how you will be using the space. Is this a vacation home that gets minimal usage? Or is it your everyday home with kids? Do you have pets? Family member with special needs? If the area is going to get a lot of wear, durable and hard surfaces work the best. However, it has been proven that hardwood flooring does increase a home’s value.

Climate and the environment also play into flooring choices. Common in colder places, a heating option could be radiant heating. If you are going to choose wood, it means engineered flooring must be used instead of traditional hardwood. Hardwood flooring also tends to be warmer when barefoot than LVP.

Again, consider maintenance. Some surfaces require more time to care for than others. Do you have time to maintain hardwood flooring? Dust can act as sandpaper if not swept or vacuumed regularly. Water needs to be mopped up and pets’ nails need to be kept trimmed. To avoid heavy maintenance, many homeowners are turning to LVP. It is good for pets and kids as it is scratch, slip and water resistant. Compare products and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your flooring will have to be strong enough to withstand your everyday lifestyle.

Your budget

Goodrich Biscotti Oak Engineered Flooring
Goodrich Biscotti Oak

We can’t stress this enough. Have a realistic budget. Flooring plays an important role in the overall look of a space as it can define the feel and create “wow”. You need to see flooring as an investment and not as an expense. Start by getting samples, then narrowing down your favorite choices and getting pricing. Add in your budget the following costs than tend to be overlooked:

  • Demolition
  • Damaged trim
  • Painter costs
  • Plumber, if you are removing a kitchen, dishwasher and toilets to put flooring underneath.


brecon seashell oak stratex flooring
Brecon Seashell Oak

Some materials will not be suitable in various locations. An example would be, due to moisture issues, solid wood in basements is not recommended while LVP could be a choice. If you want a wood look for your bathroom you can use Brecon, our LVP collection, that is water and slip resistant.

Also, consider your lifestyle for the location. Water is the enemy of hardwood flooring. Bearing this in mind, consider if a hardwood floor in your kitchen makes the most sense to your routine.

Pro vs. DIY

Hiring a contractor

Many variables come into play when replacing or installing flooring. It can be labor-intensive and, depending on the material, requires skill. With the click together floating flooring, DIYers have had success with the ease of installation. However, an intricately laid wood floor is a completely different story. Many projects also require repair to the sub-flooring which can turn into a big task very quickly.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, make sure you know what is involved before you start. Many people assume flooring installation and repair is easier than it really is.