Modern Wood Flooring

Modern Wood Flooring is what brings modern spaces together. It will be your backdrop for all other design decisions and choices. So choose wisely, with purpose and preparation.

Engineered wood flooring, floating steps | Berkeley Grey Oak
Berkeley Grey Oak

Species + Colors

Thinking of white oak, one doesn’t conjure up images of modern flooring. However, a wide plank engineered white oak is becoming one of the most popular modern wood floors in homes today. Not only is it beautiful, but engineered wood is also more tolerant of moisture. With white oak, the color palette is wide open but recently medium and red oak tones have taken a backseat. They have been replaced with a raw, matte look, moody grays or daring blacks.

For a more mid-century modern look, Walnut is a common species used with either a clear stain or oiled finish. Versatile with darker colors, Hickory is also a modern option.

Last but not least, when thinking about color, choose lighter tones for an updated, versatile look. For a more timeless aesthetic, opt for darker floors.

Engineered wood flooring in a traditional home

Harlech Raw Oak

Size Matters

Wide plank flooring is gaining popularity in modern spaces. Contrary to what you may think, wider flooring does not make your space look smaller. In fact, in many ways, it enhances the room and makes it look larger. Not to be outdone, thin planks can be visually stunning in many settings and can also be mixed with wider planks for a custom look.

Goodrich Milton

Textures + Patterns

The European look of Herringbone and Chevron wood flooring patterns are becoming much more common in modern homes. Either dark or light colors work well in both patterns and look exceptionally rich. Do keep in mind, however, that if you plan to DIY, this is no easy task. A flooring professional would be recommended for the best results!

For a more industrial or rustic look, reclaimed wood is a great option to consider. Not only is it environmentally sustainable, but it also offers unique character.

Pre-Finished flooring with distressed or wire brushing is gaining popularity due to its feel and non-slip texture. With a smooth, yet brushed feel it takes your feet to a forest-like setting that is great for residential or commercial interiors.

Goodrich Salted Oak Engineered Flooring
Goodrich Salted Oak

Floor To Ceiling Modern

Timeless and durable, flooring can be used from floor to ceiling. Basements, bathrooms, ceilings, closets and laundry rooms are getting the royal treatment with wood flooring. Whether it be laminate, wood, parquet, vinyl or engineered there are endless surface possibilities.