Interior design trends for 2020

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to look at a few design trends that will continue into 2020 and exciting new ones that will transform our living spaces. Whether you are dreaming to do a large or small project, it helps to have an idea of the design trends. Sometimes just switching out your throw pillows can brighten up your space and give it new life!


Neutrals and naturals are going to play a big part in 2020. Gray is still totally in the mix but the shift is more towards warmer neutrals. Muted pinks, earthy greens and moody blues seem to be on the horizon for accent colors.

Another predicted trend is black and white, using the light and dark in conjunction with metals to create stunning effects. Matte black kitchens with gold hardware and white walls are an example of this combination.


Velvet seems to have made a comeback, whether that is good news or bad! The good news is, velvet is more of luxe fabric and can be dressed up or down. It goes well with organic, natural elements as well. One velvet showpiece of furniture in an exquisite color can transform a room.


Don’t go crazy, but a geometric pattern here and there would definitely be on trend. Whether it be on parquet flooring, tile, a throw pillow, wallpaper, art, lighting or whatever artists think to put it on next we are in love. Just take our advice and don’t overdo. Less is more here, folks


2020 seems to be pushing towards the upward trend of luxury comfort. Rustic Farmhouse has been dominating the trend for years now but we think everyone can agree we are ready for a more luxe upgrade. Be adventurous! Add some marble, a wall painting or textured wallpaper.

Stratex in a bathroom


Mixing metals has gathered interest in the last few years. Gold, silver, copper, iron, etc can be used together in one room or joining rooms. However, it is a good idea to limit mixing 3 or less metals in one space so that it doesn’t look overly busy. Mixing woods can also be achieved, depending on the space. Engineered wood accent walls are a way to add a natural element to your environment.

plants in modern interior design


This has been an ongoing trend for years now and has become a way of living. Think: recycled materials, engineered woods, organic, getting back to nature. 2020 will be heavily into earth tones and organic elements. Homes now mix working and living space to overlap. Open concept will continue to be a growing trend but it will be with a conscience; wasted space is a thing of the past.


Exciting design trends are predicted for 2020! It will be interesting to see which ones are the most popular and which ones become our favorites. We are loving that engineered wood is a big deal and can’t wait to show everyone our collections!!