Flooring trends for 2020

Flooring plays an important role in the overall look of a space. It can define the feel and create an impressive “wow” factor. The color and texture of a floor can bring a room to life, add warmth and form a natural backdrop.

Hardwood floors, specifically, have long been one of the preferred flooring types for home owners. They are timeless, natural, comfortable, stylish and they add value to real estate. To create a whole new look or change the color palette, some hardwoods can also be refinished.

Like most things in life, wood flooring is prone to trends. This post discusses the flooring trends for 2020.



LVP has increased in popularity in the last few years. This product is very popular among families with children and pets due to its durability and scratch-resistant capabilities.

LVP has the look of real wood with the difference that is water resistant and it is relatively inexpensive. You can purchase it for a fraction of a real wood floor. Our best-selling, quality Brecon collection comes in 8 different plank designs that create the look of a real wood floor pattern.

Modern room with light vinyl flooring

Parquet flooring

The US is seeing a significant increase of interest and orders in our Goodrich collection.

Parquet flooring is such a versatile style. It can be laid in a number of designs, including classic herringbone, double herringbone and chevron.

Depending on how you pair it, this look can be used for either classic or modern interiors with a stunning effect. Have a look at our Goodrich collection and order your samples today

Engineered herringbone floor in a modern house

Wide plank

With engineered flooring being more accessible, wider planks are the new trend. Now, thin planks are not used as often in new construction. Homeowners and designers are opting to use wide, long planks for a more updated look that makes the space bigger and more open.

Rustic look

For 2020 we can foresee a higher demand for rustic floors. Finishes, that give more depth and dimension to the floor, like hand-scraped, wire brushed, sawn and distressed will be popular for the year to come.

We will also see an increase in popularity for floors with worn marks and the reclaimed look.

Engineered character wood flooring. Berkeley cellar


The high demand for grey and greige hardwood flooring continues, and it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Natural wood and oak tones are also a timeless options to consider.

The white wash finish is also not to be overlooked. This lighter trend started on the West Coast and has extended across the country. It’s the perfect look for farmhouse-style and coastal beach homes. It helps to make spaces look bigger, brighter and more relaxed.

On the other hand, we have the opposite color trend coming back. We can see an increase for the love of darker, almost black flooring. Don’t be afraid to have a look at our range of dark flooring here

Engineered wood flooring in a living room



Every year we are more and more aware of the responsibility we have towards our planet. 2020 will be focusing on increasing sustainability and providing a better planet for future generations. Hardwood flooring can be sustainable and here at Woodpecker, we take the subject very seriously. Read more about it here