Maintaining hardwood flooring is easy, however many people don’t know how to best clean and maintain its beauty. Once you’ve finished installing the wood flooring, it’s important to explain and show your client how to take care of their new floor to ensure its beautiful look lasts for as long as possible.

Take this opportunity to go the extra mile and show your clients you really care. You could put together a cleaning kit and leave it on the floor as a gift to your client. You worked your “craftsman’s magic”, so why not ask for a testimonial or online review too.

Here are a few helpful tips to pass on to your clients:

Sweep or Dust mop.

This is a great starting point. Suggest that it’s done every day to get rid of dust and bits of grit on the wood floor, which could cause damage if allowed to accumulate.


Explain to your clients that wetness can damage their floors, recommending that a well-wrung mop should be used when cleaning and any excess liquid immediately removed. We have developed a Hardwood Floor Cleaner solution for safe use on wood floors. Formulated for an oiled or urethane finish, frequent use will help to maintain the lovely finish of hardwood flooring. Be sure to explain that using solutions which are not designed for our hardwood flooring can dull or even damage the finish.


Remind your client that liquid is the enemy to their wood floor so they need to mop up any spilled drinks and never allow water or other liquids to sit for any length of time. The odd drop may not hurt, but excessive amounts of water will cause lasting damage.


Recommend vacuuming once a week as this will help to reach areas where dust accumulates.


Suggest placing doormats at entrances to ensure dirt isn’t brought into the home.


Advise your clients to add felt protectors under furniture legs to avoid scratching, and to also replace them frequently as any dirt on the pads can act as sandpaper and damage their precious floor.


It’s very important to avoid walking in stilettos on new floors. As general advice, recommend your customers to take off their shoes at the door. By doing so, they will avoid the risk of scratching or denting the flooring


It’s thrilling to see the sun illuminating a wood floor, filling the room with natural light and warmth. Make sure your client is aware of the fact that sunlight will naturally help the wood’s color to mellow so they should move rugs, mats and furniture regularly to ensure an even maturing of color. Also, inform them that excessive heat build-up needs to be avoided.