3 Steps to a Wood Floor

Choosing a wood floor can feel like a big deal. It’s an exciting change that will transform the look of your room. But it’s not always a quick and easy decision.

There are a few things to think about and sifting through your options might feel a little daunting. But of course, it’s exciting too!

Not sure where to begin? Try these 3 steps…



Wood Floor Inspiration

Totally stuck for ideas? Head to our Inspiration blog and Pinterest page to discover the latest wood flooring trends and style tips. These are great places to start finding looks that you like.

Have an idea in mind? Browse our website or brochure. The Woodpecker collection features a wide range of wood floor types, shades and styles.

If you need a little help understanding the more technical aspects (things like species, finishes and underfloor heating), there are handy guides and videos on our Resources page.

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Wood Floor Samples

Our images give a great idea of how Woodpecker floors look in the home. But they can only do so much to show you the beautiful shades and textures in real wood.

Order samples from our website to get a closer look, and feel your favorite wood floors. Your first 3 samples are free – why not choose a range of designs that you fancy?

You can order samples from any product page or here



Wood Floor Retailers

Get an even better idea of the colors and details in your favorite woods by heading to a local Woodpecker showroom. We are located in Seattle, 1436 S Director St

Once you’re happy with your choice, we will arrange the flooring order.

Exciting stuff!


If you’d like to chat to an expert at Woodpecker simply give us a call: 206 929 5029 or email sales@woodpeckerflooring.com