5 Beautiful Styles of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring has a sense of class to its consistency. It was born and perfected in the grandest of settings, and has been associated with prestige ever since. Not only does it evoke a traditional feel, but by bringing wood of various shades and details together in beautiful parquet patterns, it’s truly inspired by nature.

With contemporary or time-honored interior design, parquet is charming and sophisticated. Its elegance is matched by the endurance of natural timber which is strong enough to last a lifetime.

There are lots of beautiful ways to bring parquet flooring into your home. Be inspired by these style ideas…

1. Classic Herringbone

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There’s a timeless feel to the classic herringbone pattern. It’s perfect for adding an interesting twist to minimal rooms and makes a striking base in traditional spaces. Natural oak and warmer auburn shades can help a room feel cozy and homely. Pair with dark paint shades for a bold look.


2. Doubling-up

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Double herringbone is a great way to create a more contemporary look with parquet flooring. Still with a refined, ordered pattern, the style is simply more unusual. Calm whitened shades bring an even more on-trend feel to the flooring. Style with a light color palette and clean-lined furniture for minimal magic.


3. Chunky Blocks

parquet flooring roomset of goodrich milton

Capture original flair with wider, chunky blocks. These are ideal for smaller rooms as the pattern is less defined and can make the space feel bigger. Dark shades will create a beautiful base for maximalist decor. Team with vibrant colors, glamorous metallics and eclectic accessories for a touch of the unique.


4. Statement Chevron


Parquet takes a twist with the chevron style. These blocks are angled and meet at points in a statement pattern. If you love Scandinavian interior design then a white-washed chevron is just the floor. Stick to white walls and a neutral color palette, adding shades of grey for contrast. Lots of cushions and pops of green will bring the relaxed look together.


5. Rustic Textures

light parquet flooring goodrich salted oak

Sawn parquet is different and exciting. The finish celebrates wood in its rawest, roughest form with saw marks left on the surface of the boards to see and feel. Complementing pared-back spaces with simple materials and modest décor, the style brings a wonderful sense of the nature right into the home.


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