Reclaimed Wood Flooring: 3 Ways to Style

Reclaimed wood flooring carries a rich sense of times passed in its antique character. It brings a lovely feeling of homeliness, life and love to spaces, along with a great design edge.

The same rugged feeling can be found in reclaimed-style wood floors: reproductions of the real thing with added practical benefits. Engineered then handcrafted, these floors feature the distinctive effects of timber that has been worn over the ages. Yet, a durable build and finish ensures they too will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, reclaimed wood flooring could look amazing in your space. Have a read through our style ideas to discover how we’ve paired this lively type of flooring with traditional and contemporary themes…

Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Traditional charm

reclaimed wood flooring traditional charm moodboard

Golden shades of natural oak have been found in homes for centuries. The color is a staple of traditional interiors, working perfectly with the warm color palettes and rustic features of the British country style that we know and love. Capture the look with a mix of basic materials such as leather, metals, wool and of course, wood. Add a delicate edge with floral patterns and introduce repurposed objects such as wooden crates and antique bottles for even more old-school appeal.

Land the look with a natural oak floor:

  • Berkeley Natural Oak has the enchantment of a floor that’s been underfoot for decades. Large knots, splits, cracks and dark features are presented across caramel tones.
  • In a similar shade, Berkeley Tradition includes age-old wood block detailing for an extra rustic look.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Color fun

reclaimed wood flooring colour fun moodboard

Dark wood floors bursting with chocolate shades and raw timber character lend themselves to living spaces with color. Create exciting contrasts with green plants in all shapes and sizes, patterned accessories and deep wall tones. Textured fabrics can add depth to the look and contemporary furniture will create a fun diversion from the floor’s traditional feel.

Land the look with a dark wood floor:

  • Berkeley Reclaim Oak has a rough, sawn texture and features wood-peg detailing for an authentic barnwood feel.
  • York Antique Oak is just as rich in color and character but has a handscraped surface that recreates the texture of a worn floor.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring & Timeless Glamour

reclaimed wood flooring timeless glamour moodboard

Reclaimed wood flooring with a warming blend of honeyed hues and red undertones offers a fabulous base for glamorous interiors. Think mixed metals such as burnished copper, brass and sparkling chrome in elegant furnishings and accessories. Burnt orange, blush pink and navy hues complement the floor’s bright tones while velvet adds a luxurious edge.

Land the look with a warm oak floor:


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